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On Links 4 common cheating tricks

chain is nothing more than a forum (soft, character signature, blog, etc.), classification information inquiry platform, Post Bar, Wikipedia and Links, takes some time before 6, the effect is relatively slow, and in exchange for a high quality Links there is no doubt that the weight of the website promotion great help, especially better one-way links, so there are a lot of opportunistic owners do outrageous acts to get a one-way connection, so today Goshu simply said that under the 4 common trick, let crooks nowhere to hide. read more

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Love Shanghai new tools search engine friendly level verification tool

1 URL, the length of the primacy, made it clear that the longest length of URL is less than 255byte.

I love Shanghai in the

6, Flash text description: add confidence detection flash files can let the spider know the content of the page. We have been very clear flash is not friendly to the search engine, it seems, adjust the direction of love of Shanghai is also reasonable, for the flash file, as long as we increase the reasonable description, love is to be recognized in Shanghai.

log Webmaster Platform this afternoon (sitemap.baidu贵族宝贝), in the XML data format examples of buttons on the left side found love Shanghai added a new tool: search engine friendly level verification tool for this tool. Love Shanghai interpretation: the format specification clearly HTML writing can help the search engine better, more effectively crawling your site. This tool can help you detect whether a web page to the search engine friendly enough. The author with the anticipation of Qilu talent network is responsible for the detection, and see if you can get some beneficial suggestions from the website optimization results, here is the screenshot of the test results: read more

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How to look after the end of the Shanghai dragon you

? … !

said the end of the day, do not know if you remember, Friday is the day, love Shanghai big update day, the day also did a lot of updates, especially the enterprise stand ranking has been greatly updated; that day, most of the new station to get a good ranking, some new sites directly into the the home page is very awesome, of course, have stood up, must have stood down, but this update is very normal, just at the end of the day the update, can give us some more Lenovo just, well, the end of things come to an end for read more

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Look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Shanghai dragon Er love from the Shanghai incident i

1) "guess"


experience for the Shanghai dragon Er will be calm, because they have confidence in their own website. "Content is king, the chain for the emperor" can not be said to change, as long as your content can meet the users of your chain enough, your ranking will come. So, don’t bother love Shanghai 520, continue to engage in order optimization, the webmaster should do to do on the line. Too much analysis is just a waste of time, no meaning, just calm, "do the optimization, let love go to Shanghai". read more

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Love Shanghai webmaster tools and instruction data, which is more credible

can say that if we face the love of Shanghai was optimized, and the optimization of Shanghai pursues love truth, then love Shanghai this chain query tool to query results has revolutionized our learning and practice before the all Shanghai dragon "truth". For example, we use the chain query command domain to query, the results are as follows:

see a few pages of dozens of the chain, no one outside the chain is what we believe "high weight and high traffic platform outside the chain, and is worse: read more

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The website three discipline eight chain

two. The hair of the chain to adhere to, can not cop-out, need patience such mechanical work, most of the time is to do simple things repeatedly, finally produce the qualitative change, to achieve the desired effect.

released the chain three discipline

2. of the chain: a lot of Shanghai dragon Er distribution chain is not too scattered, is too concentrated distribution, think: the chain distribution in the industry related websites of the total site outside the chain of 30% to%80 is the most appropriate, the distribution type of site is not conducive to the improvement of weight is too scattered, too focused on the same industry Web site outside doing chain and too deliberate, ranking role may not hit the expected. read more

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The love of Shanghai is how to promote their own shadow stick


love Shanghai shadow stick, for the love of Shanghai is a big issue, but how they launched this product? How do they use the Internet to promote it? Here from my point of view to explain the logic behind it, and method. After reading it for deeper understanding of your network promotion, oh network promotion is so

then, this time I every day, but also to the Sina micro-blog around, you guess what? All kinds of V, including love love Shanghai Shanghai micro-blog account, an account, such as large ones, are beginning to love Shanghai this "love sea shadow stick" you think this is not logical, when we recommend a thing, is after, we used particularly well, we recommend to others, don’t use "love the sea shadow stick, I recommend a wool ah. Obviously their role is what we all know. Understand this logic, then you know why there is overwhelming information. Of course, this is a generalization of Shanghai love to do better. read more

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How to effectively reduce the Taobao off single phenomenonHow to improve the conversion rate of Taob

well, just say so much, welcome to my small station, Admin5 starter, reproduced please indicate the source,


see a lot of Taobao – complaining about not much change in their web traffic case recently in Taobao customer forum, single transaction is reduced, which is called single out.


if you often on the Internet bubble, they will certainly receive day to earn one hundred yuan Wangzhuan information, most of them are some pull off the assembly line of information, if you have this talent, so doing this offline way Wangzhuan is good, after all, there are success stories, but most people do not have this ability! So many people choose to do a website to make money, because the site will be more ways to make money, such as Taobao, or advertising, a Taobao customer or do Wangzhuan methods currently popular read more

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What the stationmaster needs most is not technology, but thoughtChina Internet investment fund set u

stationmaster faces: cannot reasonable treat "stationmaster = technology + thought" this formula.

The problem that

a successful webmaster needs not only technology, but should pay more attention to the importance of thinking. For "webmaster = technology + thought" this formula, some people think it is fifty five points, and some people think it is 37 points. He is considered to be the latter, technology should be accounted for 30%, accounting for 70% of the thought.

at the ceremony, ICBC, China Mobile, CITIC Guoan 3 fund strategic investment enterprise leaders made statements respectively. From the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry, the SASAC, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Commission and other relevant ministries, financial institutions, investment institutions, Internet companies, management on behalf of nearly 200 guests attended the inaugural ceremony. read more

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How to increase grassroots web site is included

four, do website external links

After the

two, adhere to the original article update

, a good site map

for the website optimization, website internal link is very important, internal links can make the website each page can smooth connection, convenient search engine spiders browse multiple pages, each page can let search engine crawl site. The anchor text site of the internal links occupy a pivotal position, so we must make good use of the anchor text link, it can point to the front page of your site, but also to avoid the target page, keywords anchor text point to the home page not too rampant, each article appears once. read more

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Shanghai dragon Er develop.

second stages: boring period (Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain?)


the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng workers income is not high, it can be said very low, such as special personnel outside the chain is generally between 1000-2000RMB. (the city is, other city also estimated almost. ) very low income, dull work led to many friends want to give up to do the promotion.

confused period (Shanghai dragon promising

The third stage:

solution: try to find fun in a boring job, interest is the best teacher. If you are interested in the Shanghai dragon, if you want to stick to their Shanghai dragon road, you must accept this boring. When you feel that unbearable, you can choose to give up, to switch to the other. read more

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Shanghai opened the dragon magic veil you Shanghai dragon real side

cost: Shanghai dragon is not free, if not to say, can only say that the relative television network media advertising, Shanghai dragon is a relatively small investment cost. Do not need to spend so much money, but it does not mean no money. The first Shanghai Longfeng personnel input, now small companies generally have one to two Shanghai dragon ER, big company or portal is a Shanghai dragon team, so these people is not required to pay a monthly salary? This is the personnel cost, but the relative advertising media the long-term effective investment worth. Using a network platform, Shanghai dragon ER personnel can be put to work. Of course, there must be a requirement for Shanghai dragon staff. Shanghai dragon is an art of engineering, is natural. Shanghai dragon ER need not only to understand the planning program, but also to understand the comprehensive learning psychology, marketing, advertising, arts and other disciplines, ability to comprehend. It can be said that the Shanghai dragon seems simple, really want to become a master, Shanghai dragon is the need to learn. read more

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Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai dragon love let love more and more like Shanghai Dragon

recently and friends when talking about Shanghai Longfeng, especially in the love of Shanghai recently after the update, the chain said how, even found that we do not know how to send, or forum? Dare not send, classified information? Charge, blog? Invalid, love Shanghai more and more outside the chain? Hard, soft paper submission?? write out, suddenly found that Shanghai dragon unexpectedly lost direction.

what is the Shanghai dragon? I believe every occupation of Shanghai dragon ER in the entry when thinking a lot, a lot of people in the continuous training of predecessors, through key words one by one, let oneself gradually into the ranks of the veteran, as a Shanghai dragon ER, believe everyone clearly remember how to find the chain forum one by one, how an article forwarded an article, with the chain, how about and colleagues talk about which the forum included fast, high weight, good effect, how will a word to gradually get on the front page, when you have some experience, the new bird also slowly become laoniao. read more

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360 search launched an independent brand search seven artifact mobile search battle power

360 "after years of development, has been firmly establish China safety first brand image, has become synonymous with safety. After we search business for two years, the market share has reached more than 30% brands, we hope that future search can impact Chinese first search. "360 President Qi Xiangdong in the new year to employees in an internal letter, to put forward the launch of an independent brand of the mind, and put forward the goal of future shock" Chinese search first brand ". read more

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Fish teach you how to quickly upgrade the keyword ranking

seven, there must be a site map. Don’t look down upon him, he can definitely make your site included maximum number.

nine, as much as possible so that the page update (dynamic information, such as transfer of certain news). The needle may be home just display pictures of some products for enterprise information website. Not once in eight years. If you eat all let you eight years every day.

, a daily updated website. If you update the contents of the quality is high, can also be updated every 35 days. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization method of blogcms system by default

3, the columns and page files before phase separation, even after the column will not affect the adaptation of the address and the inside pages, for the future foreshadowed

5, optimize the relevance of web content, the content into tags directory label, the correlation between each page is improved, effectively reduce the

2, "the file extension used more efficient.Xhtml format, is conducive to the content of the new" faster search engine spiders crawl, and reduce the repetition rate of read more

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Station group profit analysis and key factor analysis of station group construction

three: station group template can’t

! At present, there are a lot of old domain name ! as like as two peas

station group at present is still very popular in the circle, because the station’s profit margin is very impressive, but also there is a huge risk, the risk is that once the search engine found the station group of cheating, you will certainly face a cruel punishment, stations from Yijuebuzhen but certainly is! Risks and opportunities are complementary, with the personal website of the profits have been large sites eroded, if not find a way out from the station side, individual owners of the living space will be facing serious problems, and to the station group operation mode, is very suitable for the webmaster friends, as long as the attention of several key factors of station group in the construction, so search engine found probability is very low, the following is to introduce the key elements of read more

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Shanghai dragon road – the long-term stable mentality


here I want to say, want to have a long service life of the website, want to have good ranking sites, as far as possible the ranking cycle stretched to 4-8 months, especially a large enterprises focus on brand.

in the optimization of long-term foundation, Shanghai dragon traces can be said is very weak, it is difficult to see clearly the Shanghai dragon trace;

as long as you dare to say, as long as the love of Shanghai left me a brand word, I also can flow, this is.

can surviveThis ranking

A ranking will be 1-3 months Stability: stable is king! read more

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The chain construction time and skills in website optimization

some days did not come to A5 to express their personal views, because of busy work, the company recently listed in the relevant planning of new products, so there is no time to organize the relevant article you forgive me, write today is related to processing methods on the site of the internal links, can be said to be a step of website optimization more important if I do, then I will put the optimized partition of website optimization is divided into the following parts. The structure contents of the chain in the chain, the site optimization also requires a combination of the four steps. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng learning basics to beginners Shanghai dragon er

Shanghai dragon is the most front website search engine rankings (i.e., keywords ranking) so that the flow of import more to our website, the successful implementation of the network marketing mode. If want to let our website search engine feel recognized, and get good rankings in the search engine website, so we need to understand the influence of search engine rankings for many reasons, in order to understand baizhanbudai. What are some specific factors to understand it: the domain name selection and optimization, space security, stability and speed, the key point strategy, website internal correlation to add, website construction, website link labels, Robots files and 404 page application etc.. read more

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