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Three of the new handwritten original articles


introduction: you still do not know how to write to write the original article and worry? I still want to write but can’t find inspiration? In fact, really want to write an article not only we need to have rich experience, but also need to learn to experience life, and dare to innovate. The following is the novice how to write original articles and analysis of three, hope to be able to help for this matter is that the novice webmaster friends.


, dare to write

why do we want to write good content, but is reluctant to write without pen, resulting in an article written in the middle of the night also lackluster, ultimately only to give up writing, the author is concerned that is such a situation. But then I remembered in school when my teacher once said a word called: "dare to take the first step, dare to step second step". Indeed, I have to write articles always can not write written will remember this sentence, even if the next write is not good, but I still insist on writing down, don’t write me revise again, which is famous as a writer is repeatedly modified N times, we do an advertisement type article many wrong revised several times again, so I persisted for nearly a month’s time, the effect was to come out now, as long as you give me a title or the writing idea and theme, I will not hesitate to finish this article, published on the web will still have many people love, and crazy reproduced. read more

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Analysis of recent love Shanghai algorithm to adjust to what we think

The ranking algorithm is really miserable! !

look at the second red box ranking options, I was searching for the Shenzhen andrology hospital family is good "such a keyword, but jumped out of a Xi’an andrology hospital website, and ranked second. This is what the situation is! Since the hospitals of Xi’an area, Shenzhen area to do not optimize the keywords. Love Shanghai snapshot in the entire home inside the floating yellow is only one contains the keywords "Shenzhen andrology hospital" Links (Figure two), which also can fuck love Shanghai search ranking second? It’s two read more

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Analysis of several factors of website weight change frequently

third: site server stability, this is very important, if a site open speed is very fast, his absolute back rate is much slower than it stood more than 30%, whether it is a search engine or customers, all want to visit the site open speed quickly, but if the speed of half open or buffer, the customer will directly close the page, the spider will also reduce the number of visitors, the site often cannot be opened, which can not be successfully grab web content, leading to the collection of reduced flow reduction, the final exit site keywords ranking, heavy weight and ranking will be cleared. read more

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Some skills in the purchase of the domain name in the rice farmingThe top students to create a billi

then how can we become a profitable "rice farming", which requires a unique vision and a keen observation on the news. Now the short domain name does not already exist, some large enterprises English or Pinyin domain names were registered, this kind of domain name can be no interest. Even put out one, the price is not acceptable to people in general. We should pay attention to some new business or product name, and timely registered, so that when they need to be listed or other forms of propaganda in place, will not contact the seller, this situation doesn’t happen very often, even, may simply have not detected. read more

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Hubei Chengli website drop right will recover within a week.

    has been restored to the first, and also by the snapshot yesterday in the correction before April 5th 13, the author also made a right down the investigation report also selected the most is love Shanghai.

      April 19th update affected part of the popular industry website, home page ranking of different levels of big reshuffle, according to the author statistics include the automotive, amusement equipment, game machine etc.. After analysis discouraged the love should belong to the Shanghai new on-line algorithm appears generally only some big websites or by celebrities and influential people can go to love Shanghai appeal and be treated quickly, as you go to grassroots webmaster general is not a complaint reply, I tried. read more

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Analysis and solution of several main reasons to love Shanghai right down by the enterprise website

in view of this, the author again look back before, in the optimization of the site, all of which use optimization method, and the site in the near future what problems occurred. In this paper I will own analysis summed up:

recently, a web site after the long-term optimization, was love Shanghai right down. In fact, in the work of the Shanghai dragon so long, the site was down the right hand, it is the first time. The author in the website optimization, pay great attention to the standardization of operation. Never help those hidden text, buy black chain, group links, and other means of accumulation of keywords. However, this website I recently fell in love with the sea site optimization, the site is not the first home page, love Shanghai included results at the same time, the Shanghai times page and page love again is also very difficult to find the website. This phenomenon also tells us that the signs of a web site is down right is very obvious. read more

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About 2013 be Shanghai dragon service details

? ?

details: two URL contains keywords effect


the readability of the article needs to consider two points: 1. article 2. article publishing. Do the layout of the article, the method is very simple, only need to ask more visitors. "


details of the five: to enhance the readability of the article, also need to be updated daily one or two article

what is the high quality of the chain? What the chain can directly improve the site keywords ranking? Are we need to study and practice in 2013! In fact, in 2012 Wang Shifan Bowen wrote about the high quality of the chain. External link popularity more widely, the higher the weight of the page, the page also sent us the weight of the website will be high. Analysis of the chain around the text to determine the correlation of the chain page, the higher the correlation the higher the weight, the fall in love with the sea is not significant, but in Google obviously. read more

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How should the enterprise website optimization in 2016

in 2015 and the "derivative" is also popular and from the media, since the media is popular quickly, from the major portals have opened since the remarkable media column. The owners of the house from the science and technology media transformation from the media technology; upgrade template A5 station network, users contribute more distinct; many enterprises impressively in the recruitment of people from the media, for marketing from the media.

at present, the major portals have from the media platform, the platform from the media itself weight is very high, in the self media platform in the soft, or release the chain, and will bring results to the enterprise website. In the industry, there is such a word has been quietly popular: "a website optimization keywords, three months will not lead to the volume of business, as well as using self media platform release a soft high weight, because the weight from the media platform, search engines will give very good keywords ranking even. read more

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From the show promotion focus on Optimization of website three index, clicks, enquiries

of course, applications can be applied in the same natural ranking in the search engine bidding on the interpretation of the index. Although you don’t like love Shanghai as a professional tool for the background real time observed data of various indicators, but as long as you find out this principle, you can work site optimization promotion have a clear direction and efficient results.

main business owners want their website every day inquiry volume stability. Then according to the relationship between these indicators, it can be inferred that, in order to have a good amount of inquiry, there must be enough hits. Click on the quantity and amount of inquiry is directly proportional to the relationship. You imagine, if the page does not click, naturally can not form the inquiry. Therefore, more clicks may mean more opportunities for inquiry. Note that the emphasis here is on may mean more inquiry opportunities. Everyone knows the truth. Of course, to seize these opportunities, don’t let traffic resources wasted more, do the user experience on the page. Therefore, you should understand that once your website traffic is good, and the user inquiry is very bad. The problem certainly lies in the content of the page. You need to beautify your pages to attract users page retention time; you need to use good products, good price promotion highlights, to stimulate users to buy. read more

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A5 marketing different industry site ranking is how to do!

why medical type site basically difficult to get ranked? It is because in the face of huge profits, there were too many crooks, find an antidote against the disease, how to enhance trust? Not anti refer to excellent brand site, how they are doing better than the ranking, such as "Beijing union" this website! Never try to do some "XXX how to treat" a large number of articles, deliberately to.


five: medical station type

type station does not need to do original, only need to Post Bar, new articles on every day to collect enough data to copy it, the search engine will still eat quickly! The reason is very simple: acquisition, copy is excluded, because information repetition strength is too large and the "local news" never existed. Note: try to make your site live, where the site is a pool of stagnant water, do not long, will only make people become cold. read more

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Do not waste piling up link station


for a long time did not write the article, today to say about garbage link, the old owners do not have what can inspire, but for the novice may have to look at the article, many new Adsense station is just beginning to do want your keywords quickly in love Shanghai, Google is on top that would be a good location, so the top reasons we should all know. The first: website content, second: the chain number (the number of the chain that is generally regarded as the key). In addition to many new Adsense website content is also rapidly expanded in number, the chain of their own, but everyone in the search for the number of chain also tend to ignore the quality of the chain. Cause a lot of new sites were K, or has been ranked 100 outside is not ranked. It is fatal for the novice webmaster this blow, please see the reason analysis. read more

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Brand word is a site of the most important keywords

may have been a lot of friends will think of our website the most important keywords is the target keywords, right target keywords for a web site is very important, but not the most important. For a long term business website, a website brand word is the most important keywords. Now many owners are not aware of this problem, today to give you an analysis of brand word for a site in the end is what kind of impact.

brand word for Shanghai dragon, I think this is the most interesting. Brand word had no direct effect on Shanghai dragon, but have an indirect effect of strong. What is the indirect impact? If there are a large number of people to search your website brand word into your site every day, the search engine will think you are a directional user group web site. This website is search engine respect website. Why do you say that, you can see Taobao shielding love Shanghai, but Shanghai still love Taobao included a few pages, this is why, according to Shanghai’s official statement is to love the user experience, but also for his own. We can think of this, Taobao word a day in the search wuliushiwan love Shanghai, taobao贵族宝贝 the word search volume in about one million and one hundred thousand love Shanghai. You want to give up the Shanghai traffic? Another point is that he said the user experience. If you think not to Taobao Shanghai search in love, people don’t want to be Taobao search engine problems, but there is a problem, people will change the search engine. So whether to flow or user experience, love in Shanghai have to Taobao shielding it, it also included. read more

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Analysis of the weights of the website invisible killer duplicate content

3 ranking function caused by content presentation. Like some large shopping site navigation on the home page, there will be ranked by sales, according to the heat ranked "column, these different sort are generally based on URL dynamic parameters, imagine a high heat products is likely to be the sales of the products, so it will cause different combinations of URL, this product once more, for the website optimization is very unfavorable, because will have a lot of 22 cross address URL.

Set the read more

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Four don’t let your chain matters more.

is useful?

second, local to attack, I don’t play

first, anyone can build, I don’t

I think everyone has heard of such a famous aphorism: "not overdo sth.". That is to say any do appropriate degree should be stopped, do not get out of hand. So, although you desperately to home construction outside the chain, can give your website promotion weight and ranking, but it would have been like this go on it. I think that is not possible, otherwise Shanghai will not punish those who love excessive optimization site. This shows that it is necessary to optimize the website home page, but must hold a degree. Never mind just know how to optimize home, and do not know the importance of other pages. As for the other pages to be important, we can see before I wrote an article "the column page ranking why people than my main domain name" OK, in this article I have introduced the importance of the inside pages. Here, I just want to tell you that: when the construction of the chain, don’t forget the inside pages, starting from the overall. read more

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American girls start dating network 2RedBeansThe future of Internet advertising

2RedBeans website

2RedBeans founder Q Zhao

just stepped on a little bit of Q, and that was a headache – couldn’t find a boyfriend!

has an article on the Internet advertisement in the July 6th issue of British "economist" magazine, which begins: "in terms of efficiency, if not to mention the size of the advertising industry, are just beginning to say goodbye to it for a century of infancy, is also the" Wanamaker era. "." John Wanamaker, a Christian businessman warmly from Philadelphia, invented in 1870s by the department store and commodity price tag, also became the first modern advertising — he purchased the newspaper publicity site in his shop. "Half of the advertising expenses I spend are wasted," he says. "The problem is, I don’t know which half."." read more

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A good website optimization to care about what elements

The content of the web site elements?

is an excellent website optimization to ER Shanghai Longfeng for those concerned about optimization of the elements? Perhaps at the beginning of the website optimization, feel to this strange field at a loss, but after a period of time, we should understand the key elements of the website optimization to face those it, if at the moment, you still mimihuhu, don’t know what to do website optimization, you also feel bad, so at a loss, to optimize a website yunliwuli, imagine your website optimization result is not good, traffic and weight would not be a compliment. Then we these website optimization Shanghai dragon, in the face of website optimization, to those who care about read more

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I am ready to switch to give us some my own views on the Shanghai Dragon

if you can, the word "fart" I want to change a limit of no more words to replace, but considering the harmonious society, we are still less elegant, though, but every time I hear someone in the forum, QQ group and other places continue to discuss and the pursuit of weight I really love Shanghai have a kind of impulse to want to vomit blood. First of all, the concept of love Shanghai weight confusing, we know that the weight is a representative of website quality, so I love Shanghai weight logically speaking should be a web site in the search engine quality love Shanghai, but developed a so-called love Shanghai time weighting algorithm from a certain website, this word began to be misunderstood, you know the common love Shanghai weight is only a relationship in the ranking algorithm of keyword search results by keyword index and you, you do not have any relationship with the website quality. For example, I have seen is the more outrageous approach is to make a website more popular words do it first, then some special tools will brush this popular word to index is very high, so the natural love weight appeared Shanghai. But I want to ask is, this is the quality of your web site is very good? It is nothing but the quality of your website ranking, you know do website is the key, is only the rankings but no content, believe your website ranking will not last long. read more

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He is the old gun producer Venture 2 years worth of 1 billion 400 million was Li Yifeng, the Ma Tian

before the start, Xiao is taking the lead".

Abstract: Xiao Fei to film group is defined as "IP ecological operators", a dozen brands Group subsidiaries, business involves investment, production, IP incubation, artist management, animation, marketing, concert IP incubator. But for a start-up, the booth is so big that it can handle

, "twenty-first Century economic report", with a new way to "match" 300 thousand buyers and 7 million 800 thousand Witkey to zhubajie, rather than simply replicating the user data through the acquisition of the introduction of CTO led the mining team, it is a key step in the layout of his. read more

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Site experience – do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbowThree new board listed iron

life is like a road, it will inevitably have some ups and downs. Life, such as chess, there will inevitably be a loss of strokes, only experienced the baptism of wind and rain, our life will be no regret, we firmly believe that "do not experience wind and rain, how to see the rainbow."."

relative to O2O and other electricity providers in the field, the capital of steel, electricity providers are favored. At the end of last year, steel silver electricity supplier offering of 150 million shares of common stock in the new three directional, financing 675 million yuan; steel net, steel net has completed several plans or refinancing, expand its asset size; steel to complete the E round of financing in the primary market. read more

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2016 business trends Preview O2O opportunities fewer and fewersh419 invite you to participate in Ana

in fact, from the end of 2015 to January 2016, the various types of venture capital meeting unabated. For example, the "daily economic news" reporters in the first day of the 2015 entrepreneurial community meeting on the scene, noted that more participants, the staff at the entrance to the "one out into one" principle guard. When the platform for the "venture Black Knight" investor awards warm up, the audience from time to time from different directions from time to time cheer, the scene is a bit like the star powder read more

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