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Science and technology industry investment fund set up

Qinghai province science and technology industrial investment fund, before the formal establishment, will accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces as soon as possible, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements to achieve financial breakthrough. Reporters learned from the Qinghai provincial government, Qinghai science and technology industry investment fund of 500 million yuan, the total size of up to $1 billion. This fund is jointly funded by the central government special funds, local financial capital and social capital. The focus of the fund to invest in strategic emerging industry, circular economy and high technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries, investment object is in the initial period, early stage, with original innovation and integrated innovation or the digestion and absorption of scientific and technological innovation oriented enterprises and innovation. Qinghai province science and technology industrial investment fund is not only to meet the requirements of supporting enterprises equity investment, will also build a platform to provide guidance to the enterprise management experts, to help enterprises financing plan and the introduction of other private financing. In order to realize the organic combination of science and technology and finance, and promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.   read more

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To build a common spiritual home

March 19th, the Xining national work conference and the eighth national unity and progress commendation meeting held. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun attended the meeting and delivered an important speech, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the meeting, deputy leader Su Rong reviewed in recent years to create work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas leading group and Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and to create the next work carried out the arrangements. read more

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Xining North Building 10 sanitation warm harbor

In order to better care for sanitation workers, so that they can be cold cold, thirsty to drink slobber, tired, have a rest place, north of the city of Xining district will invest 220 thousand yuan to build 10 sanitation workers in the area of rest.

currently, there are 575 people in the north of the city sanitation workers, every day to clean up the area of 4 million 150 thousand square meters of road and the environment. It is understood that, in order to give more sanitation workers to create a beautiful environment and facilities of the "warm harbor", this year will be in the north area of the traffic is not affected, and the convenient and safe area, building 10 sanitation workers rest, let sanitation workers can summer, heating, rest, micro trauma treatment etc.. At the same time, the rest of the set will be more humane, each resting point will be equipped with sofas, microwave ovens, water heaters, etc.. (author: Fang Sheng Sheng Dong) read more

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Xining City, the six mechanism of agricultural insurance of migrant workers got the hard-earned mone

in order to better protect the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers in our city, to the total contract responsibility system as the core of the employer under anti source control in six mechanisms under control, to wage payment guarantee system as the core, full build our city the wages of migrant workers owed debts prevention security network.

it is understood that the city established by the supervision and inspection and rapid response as the core of the labor security supervision and law enforcement mechanism, the daily inspection and monitoring of key combination in the field of building construction; the full implementation of the general contracting unit of migrant workers wages responsibility system, in accordance with the "who who is responsible for the contract," and "who labor, who is responsible" the principle of the general contracting enterprise of the project for the payment of wages for migrant workers to take full responsibility, professional contracting enterprise and labor subcontracting enterprises directly responsible, completely blocking the arrears of wages for migrant workers, migrant workers in the construction project payment wages and cannot be resolved in a timely manner, by the general contracting unit to advance through the establishment of wage payment guarantee system; in the source, stability control; construction enterprises entrust the Bank of labor wages, wages of migrant workers shall be allocated to individual accounts At the same time, increase the punishment; departments in close collaboration to form anti owe restructuring pattern, the construction units shall be informed of arrears of wages for migrant workers serious and adverse effects; Bureau of human resources and actively coordinate with the public security and judicial organs, promote and guide the development on the crime of judicial practice, promote the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, to crack down on in order to malicious acts. (author: Rong Lijun) read more

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Some pricing strategies for Chinese fast food

many entrepreneurs want to invest in Chinese fast food, in fact, if you can master the right way to invest in Chinese fast food in the market is a very good prospects for development. However, for entrepreneurs, in order to better access to wealth, then entrepreneurs in the business, the correct grasp of the price strategy is very important.

Strategy: prestige price, prestige pricing will target the high consumption level of customers in the market, a restaurant with credibility and customers "demand status and prestige" and "reasonable price quality is excellent, attract this grade with high dish price customers. This pricing method to do a detailed market survey: in addition to the identity of the customer and consumer strength, fast food shops also need to consider the age structure and the customer can accept the minimum, maximum price limit. Particularly important is that the price of the product must be consistent with the quality, so as to meet the fast food shop reputation, do not harm the interests of customers. read more

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Province three funds and the list of powers to go public in the forefront of the country

reporter learned from the provincial government information and public affairs office, at present, the province’s financial and budget departments above the county level have all been open three funds, open to 100%. Province in the three public funds, public information and other priorities in the field of information disclosure work in the forefront of the country.

in accordance with the unified arrangements of the Central Committee and the State Council and the provincial government, according to the "provincial government announced on the provincial government work unit power list list of responsibilities decision", the province actively promote the administrative power and responsibility list system reform, the government departments at all levels of responsibility authority. Since 2014 started the work, at the end of June this year, the provincial, 8 city (state), 46 counties (city, district) government departments of the two list compiled and published all the work completed ahead of schedule. In accordance with the law without authorization is not to, statutory duty must be required to conduct a comprehensive sort of the administrative authority of government departments, agencies directly under the Department of management institutions, shall bear the administrative functions of the institutions and the central vertical management departments, to achieve the "government power into the list, the list no outside power". At the same time, to be published in the government portal to facilitate business, the masses and accept social supervision. read more

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Xining city tiger Taiwan community investigation dilapidated to ensure the safety of residents in fl

during the let area residents to the safety of the flood season, heavy rainfall defense frequent recent weather process may lead to natural disasters, reduce losses, in July 7th, Xining city tiger Taiwan Office of the community investigation of dilapidated housing residents, to ensure safety in the flood season.

the same day, the west side of the office of the west side of the site of the tiger’s office of the staff members of the staff to the district to each unit, the families of the building to convey flood notification. The staff investigation of 40 coal room, cottage, found two residents rented houses there are security risks, the staff remind tenants to move out as soon as possible dangerous, and inform the attention of tenants when it rains, leaving the phone number to contact. read more

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The province released the first batch of high-end creative talent thousand people plan candidates li

recently, the Provincial Personnel Work Leading Group Office officially released the list of the first batch of Qinghai province "high-end innovative talents people plan candidates, determine the first training, the introduction of high-end talent 235, including the introduction of talent 100, team 3, 135 team, training 7.

of Qinghai is "thousands of people plan" is the "talent" in 13th Five-Year planning to determine the construction of key projects. The list of the first batch of candidates released directly introduce outstanding talent 3, 3 leading talent, 24 top-notch talent, the introduction of flexible outstanding talent 9, 28 leading talent, 33 top-notch talent, 11.5 times more than last year the introduction of similar talents. read more

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West 1080 HD probe to ensure the safety of the masses

In order to further promote the peace building activities, build a more strict social security prevention and control system for the region this year, the west area of "three noes" buildings and residential installation of high-definition video surveillance system, has now completed 1080 HD monitoring probe installation, decorate "Skynet" to secure the residents safety. This year, the municipal government and the district government attaches great importance to and vigorously support, seriously study and combining the reality of the area, west area, establish the installation of video monitoring system construction project of the "three noes" hospital building and the residential area, a total of 16 million 200 thousand yuan to raise funds. It is reported that in the early stage of the project, West District Committee actively coordinate and guide, by the Public Security Bureau, West Township, community for the unattended unattended Jiashuyuan and old old, scattered small investigation, diagnostic and statistics, the statistics of a 182 "three noes" (no property, no administrative unit, no security) buildings, and monitoring facilities installed in the hospital building. Up to now, the west district has been completed 182 projects and installation of the District, a total of 1080 high-definition monitoring probe installed.   read more

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Xining City North District to carry out 2011 Annual labor and employment inspection

before the implementation of Xining Chengbei District, human resources and Social Security Bureau to carry out the 2011 Annual labor inspection work, and received a written examination data of the employer in accordance with the implementation plan of the notification area, and effectively carry out the inspection work.
the inspection is the main content of the "labor law", "labor contract law", "social insurance law" implementation as an opportunity to focus on employers to sign labor contracts with workers; social insurance; minimum wage; underage workers and female workers special protection provisions implementation; implementation of legal work time and holidays provisions; employment registration system was established and the rules and regulations are perfect aspects to conduct a comprehensive inspection. The annual inspection shall be carried out by means of the combination of the employer’s self-examination, the labor supervision department’s written examination and the on-site inspection of the key enterprises.
the inspection found that up to now, the region to participate in the labor inspection unit with a total of 42 households, the number of 4296 workers. Which qualified units 26, unqualified units of 16, the pass rate of 62%. I Bureau for the 24 annual inspection qualified units issued the annual labor inspection certificate, and for the Qinghai small West cow biological dairy Limited by Share Ltd and other outstanding units to send home. According to the "labor security supervision regulations" the relevant provisions of the staff roster is not perfect, the labor contract rate did not reach 95%, signed a verbal agreement, the employment of temporary working hours, not for the workers to participate in social insurance, and find a variety of reasons to justify employees of Qinghai Xinqing tool limited company and other 16 units failed promptly issued a deadline rectification decision. (author: Fan Shengdong) read more

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Rural highway total mileage over 50 thousand km

Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, so far this year, the province’s rural road construction has been completed a total investment of 1 billion 767 million yuan, accounting for a total investment of $2 billion target of 88%. Next year, our province will also increase investment, and strive in 420 villages and towns, through the township road asphalt (cement) will reach 414, the patency rate was 98.6%; 4172 administrative villages, asphalt (cement) road administrative villages will reach 3546, administrative villages patency rate was above 85%, completely to solve the problem of "last kilometer" home to provide good infrastructure conditions. It is reported that, since the development of the western region, a total of ten years, the total mileage of rural roads in rural areas has reached 56402 km, the province’s 366 townships (towns), the township (town) through the asphalt (cement) pavement. This year, according to the provincial government to determine the objectives, the Provincial Department of transportation to the township (town), the village of asphalt (cement) road as the focus, combined with the "plateau beautiful countryside" and "beautiful towns" construction, to further promote the nomadic population and remote poverty relocation project with road engineering. Currently, the planning of the 7 counties in rural highway construction investment of 300 million yuan, completed an investment of $220 million to complete the planned investment of 73%. Next year, the Provincial Department of transportation will continue in accordance with the "determination of highway and waterway transportation" 12th Five-Year "development plan" and other goals, to serve the local economic and social development, accelerate the farmer to become rich, convenient for people to travel, to provide the basis for security and convenience.   read more

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Xining during the National Day holiday to carry out special supervision and inspection of mice

During the National Day holiday is a large number of migrant workers to go back to Xining peak, but also the critical period of plague prevention and control. In order to prevent the occurrence and spread of the plague epidemic input, recently, Xining city health and family planning organization of the steering group to carry out special supervision and inspection of plague prevention and control in key areas and populations in three counties, and strive to achieve the goal of human plague occurred this year zero.

the supervision and inspection, the county people’s government to attach great importance to and fully implement the plague prevention and control work, organization of public security, industry and commerce, health, transportation, food and medicine and other units, in September 24th, 25 days, 29 days nightly at the toll station of Haibei direction via Huangyuan more than 1100 motorcycles were vehicles on highway 315 in Shanghai to transport, meat, oil, marmot claw infected material to carry out a comprehensive investigation as the focus, and the Department to help carry out the plague prevention knowledge propaganda and education personnel; actively in-depth key towns and regions to carry out supervision and inspection of the anti rat; to carry out special supervision and inspection for a period of 40 days of holiday market.   read more

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Xining West District to open the authority of the moral lecture

on the afternoon of May 23rd, the Xining City West District, organ moral lecture held, Xining City Office of civilization organized by the municipal authorities to observe and learn 60, exchange experience.

standard construction of the authority of the moral auditorium, designed to firmly establish the agency staff love and dedication, honest and trustworthy, fair service, serving the masses, the concept of contributing to society. In order to make the "organ moral lecture" not as a mere formality, and carry out the active integration of resources, for moral construction and combination, promote the work of the focal point, in strict accordance with the standards meticulously "authority of moral lecture". read more

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Winter employment assistance services for college graduates to start the 227 units of the more than

In December 6th, in order to help the employment of college graduates and college graduates from poor families as soon as possible into the workplace, human resources and social security department, Qinghai National University, jointly organized the 2013 winter college graduates employment assistance services week special recruitment.

employment assistance activities are the main target of employment of college graduates, the focus is difficult family College graduates. Employment Assistance Service Week activities from December 6th to December 12th. Talent Exchange Center, center, Xining province occupation introduction talent exchange center will carry out recruitment activities of college students in network on their websites, Haidong, each autonomous state employment service agencies and personnel, will also be in the local area and carry out the activities of the recruitment of College graduates. read more

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Food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management will follow the law

9 23, the "Regulations" of Qinghai province food production and processing of small workshops and food vendors management by the twelfth people’s Congress of the twenty-ninth meeting of the Standing Committee passed, will take effect on January 1, 2017.

of the "Regulations" is divided into general principles, food workshops and food vendors, supervision and services, legal liability and supplementary provisions of chapter six of fifty-six, the small shops and vendors of food safety supervision responsibilities, conditions of production and processing business and legal responsibilities were clearly defined. read more

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Female entrepreneurial life pressure is the driving force to make business

With the continuous development of society, the female entrepreneurs’ team is increasing

. Nanjing city women’s Federation conducted a comprehensive investigation on the situation of women entrepreneurs. Survey respondents, women accounted for 92.3% of the number of people surveyed, there have been laid-off workers accounted for about 48% of the experience of entrepreneurship accounted for about 55.6%, of which entrepreneurial success accounted for 18.9%.

>, light read more

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Before August, the province’s total import and export value of 8 billion 330 million yuan to achieve

In the international economic recovery underpowered, the gross domestic product import and export decline in unfavorable situation, the province’s import and export value to achieve contrarian growth. According to Xining customs statistics, 1-8 months, the province’s total import and export value of 8 billion 330 million yuan, an increase of 75.1% over the same period last year. Among them, imports 1 billion 340 million yuan, down by 48%, exports of $6 billion 990 million, an increase of 2.2 times; trade surplus of $5 billion 650 million.

the province’s foreign trade situation continued to rise, has the following characteristics: one is the general term of trade dominated, import and export value of 8 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 79.9%, the province accounted for 98.4% of the total import and export. Two Xining import and export value of 8 billion yuan, an increase of 88.2%, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of 96%, continue to lead the province. Three, in addition to agricultural products, the majority of major imports showed a downward trend, the first major imports of coal and lignite imports 670 million yuan, down by 44.8%. Four is the main export commodities have fall, mechanical and electrical products exports 2 billion 170 million yuan, an increase of 12.7 times, becoming the province’s largest export commodities. Five private enterprises thriving, import and export value of 7 billion 540 million yuan, an increase of 1 times, accounting for the province’s total import and export value of over the same period of 90.5%. Six is the main trading partner imports and exports have declined, the United States has become the largest trading partner of Qinghai province.   read more

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Artificial source of water for Sanjiang 3 billion 156 million cubic meters

reporter from the Provincial Meteorological Bureau was informed that this year, the province in the source area of Sanjiang 687 times to increase rainfall operations, an increase of precipitation of 3 billion 156 million cubic meters. In recent years, our province in the source region of Sanjiang to continue the implementation of artificial rainfall operations, the source of Sanjiang wetland area to expand, the source of the Yellow River "1000 lake landscape" appear again, river runoff has increased, the ecological environment has been effectively improved.

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Datong County, East Town, held a five day party training classes

in order to further improve the education and training of Party members in rural areas, from August 22nd onwards, the East Gap Town held a five day training party members. During the invitation of the Party School of the county Party committee, county propaganda department, county Party Committee Organization Department, County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the county rural credit cooperative union leaders and the town of justice and other relevant units of the leadership of the town of more than 420 party members were trained. read more

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