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Do rural electricity providers can sink is the key to the future electricity supplier pattern or mut

Abstract: three or four electricity suppliers to enter the market and rural market, from the stock market into the incremental market. The first problem is to change the way people live and create electricity supplier environment.

in large and medium-sized city competition reached saturation makers, will invariably to the county and rural eyes scanning this incremental market. O2O this model so that all electricity providers have begun to fall from the line online, traditional businesses have begun to internet. The electricity supplier with O2O, under the impetus of the policy, the rural electricity supplier to become electricity providers are competing to snatch xiangbobo". read more

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From 11 to five pair of black honey bud a super Q4 open season stockpile to promote full pulse

Q4 every quarter, are hot stage major electricity supplier competition from eager to get into action, double eleven "black five", new year’s halloween…… A variety of holidays accompanied by a scene of crazy shopping drama. Therefore, the annual Q4 also known as the "retail season", for large and small business people, is most likely to bring a large volume of sales season, you also need to get ready for battle, ready for the. Especially double 11, it is the peak of the electricity supplier marketing. While the well-known maternal electricity supplier honey bud, rely on a "super stockpile" season from early October to play double 11, and a large open platform Q4 full promotion context trend. read more

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Behind Alipay seeks to destroy the cash, do covert transactions demand

yesterday, with the Alipay share in the name of Alibaba, consumer finance management team a full appearance, by the media swarmed all day in Hangzhou. The appearance of the main product is the November on-line version of Alipay wallet, but more interesting is Ali financial team in product launches, business communication and executive group’s visit will be intended to convey with some unintentional outpouring of subtext.

which can quickly attract a few eye, tiger sniffing yesterday’s article has been extracted. We want to add some of records and sigh: read more

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Brand electricity supplier electricity supplier brand

is now the rapid development of society, some hold the past enterprise concept may have some differences and now, not only in a field or a particular industry, but the common problems, this is the difference between e-commerce fame broke the original means of marketing, so enterprises in order to establish their own brand how should face the reality of consciousness, so that the competition? The following A5 webmaster and diagnosis of SEO team and everyone simply talk about this problem.

we should first clarify the concept of brand: the encyclopedia is so explained: brand is a name, term, symbol or design, or combination of them whose purpose is to identify a particular seller or group of sellers of products or services, and make the difference with the competitors products and services. The brand is a kind of image recognition, formed by these elements and a series of marketing activities and show the results of feeling, quality awareness, and through these and demonstrated customer loyalty, in general, it belongs to a kind of intangible assets. So this time the brand as an intangible asset. Secondly, we should see the traditional enterprises to carry forward, and also can accord the said, product visibility, we often hear that brand reputation, which can give consumers a signal, that is the product of this brand is good or bad, are realized through the spread of the brand, miniature and electricity supplier is to solve the problem of extending. So what are the marketing tools for enterprises to establish the brand? read more

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My shop open free mode to create a new pattern of B2C industry

at present, in the B2C industry to provide a platform for businesses, no one is really free and open. Different companies tend to make some restrictions on some system functions or services, in order to continue to reach out to the user’s pocket. This pattern is like giving it to the young when it is young, but depriving him of its light when he needs to absorb the sun. Ignore the user experience, such as small seedlings did not feel the sun, how can thrive?

Shopex’s B2C shop platform "I shop" ( is the first to launch a completely open system function, remove technical constraints, service innovation pattern in order to allow users to truly open free independent shop. More insiders pointed out that from the recent my shop continuous action can feel my shop has become the fastest growing industry, the largest B2C platform. More description of my shop products have been highly recognized by the market, which not only created a new pattern of the B2C industry, but also the achievements of my shop in the B2C market dominance. read more

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Relying on the small micro payment service Tmall their first try before you buy

news July 9th, the day before, Tmall announced the launch of the new mode of online shopping try before you buy, it is understood that the pattern is the same with Tmall is the small micro payment service to launch Ali’s.

The Tmall

, consumers choose online shopping with a try before you buy the commodities in Tmall, you can order directly, without payment, first trial experience after receiving the goods, then the right of payment, that is not appropriate, in does not affect the two sale, direct refund return, without the consent of the businesses, thus the freight in the confirmation returned by the return shipping insurance. read more

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The United States in January ahead of the completion of the first round of Kuba integration informat

announced the integration of less than half a month in the United States online and Kuba, this morning for commodity information sharing, according to the United States online CEO Han Depeng earlier in the planning, the integration of the original plan completed in January next year, this also means that both parties in advance through the background.

according to reports, this is the first stage of the United States online Kuba fusion, users of online shopping in the United States, can be found to Kuba goods, the system will automatically jump to the Kuba purchase, and users in the Kuba shopping, you can search to Gome online merchandise, complete the purchase directly in kubah. read more

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Take the first step for your website to select the appropriate domain name

The domain name is a link between enterprise and Internet web site, it is like the same brand, trademark has an important role in the recognition, is the enterprise website visitors arrive at the "key" is a sign that exists on the network of enterprises, plays a dual role labeling site and site oriented enterprise.

1 with enterprise name Pinyin as domain name

2 with the name of the enterprise name as the domain name corresponding EnglishA

3 for abbreviation as a domain name company nameThe name of

4 with homophonic pinyin form to the enterprise domain name registration

read more

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The development of B2B business website under the new situation

under the current situation, the site of the access threshold is more and more high, not only after registering a domain name that needs such a program, do the site according to the type of license will also want to do such that, if the future site where is the way out? The movie novel station game station station??? Or other types of trash? From the current network is more and more strict network supervision mode, after these types of sites will be difficult to survive in the new situation of the network environment, personally think that the future development of the site is mainly local portal and e-commerce sites, and this site is still optimistic about the development prospects of development space, I type of e-commerce website the following is the planning of Guangxi ASEAN business network, mainly for the ASEAN Free Trade Area of Guangxi B2B local business portal to talk about the future The development of local B2B e-commerce website. read more

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Full analysis of the community website profit model

webmaster do community what is the motivation for interest?? love? Money? The initial motivation may be different, but the operations to a certain stage after all, profit is a community website can not avoid the problem.

because of the increase in community traffic, popularity, the increase in the cost of the server, the increase in operating costs, will make the owners have to consider what kind of profit model. Successful community sites should have a clear and effective profit model, and the smart webmaster at the beginning of the site should be planning a good profit model. read more

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Lack of electricity supplier winter clothing less food the overall decline in financing heat

has experienced in the last year, the capital support "extremely excited" after rapid expansion, ahead of the arrival of winter make electricity supplier industry price war and the scale of war is different, this "winter" may only rely on their own.

this year, the basic vertical B2C can not get the money, the financing situation is grim." Electric network founder Gong Wenxiang on the "First Financial Daily" said that next year whether the environment can change for the better is still difficult to predict, however, even if the investment environment, will be to the O2O (Online To Offline) transformation and electricity supplier service providers etc.. read more

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Dave in the eyes of the double 11 not hate Chinese not in hand chop

only took 12 minutes and 28 seconds, Tmall’s dual turnover of more than 10 billion yuan of more than $11.

eleven has long been not only a Chinese festival, its influence has long been out of the country.

these days, the major foreign media invariably see the perspective of China’s double eleven. Among them, the British "Daily Telegraph" simply issued a "science" this originated in China’s Shopping Festival: "forget the little black Friday, double 11 is the world’s largest online shopping festival." South Korean media have come to rob the festival, China is South korea". Of course there are blow: British Financial Times concern is "fake case record". read more

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Some thoughts on Taobao and Taobao

recently about Taobao high fees for news began to appear, and with the standard competition, Taobao operating mode, the future promotion costs will be more and more expensive, so many of my friends have to Amoy off. Of course, there are many traditional electricity supplier has just entered the business, still want to share a cup of Taobao. So today assigned to Taobao, from Taobao friends bring some reflection and inspiration.

first, settled in Taobao

why go to Amoy

a lot of companies want to enter Taobao, but different companies stationed in Taobao target is also different, the operation and preparation work is also different. Many employers say the answer is to make money, just like the others ask you "why to drift", the answer is "to live a rich life, have a good development", actually this is only the result but not our goal. Taobao’s goal: read more

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We can borrow millet mode to return to the ranks of the electricity supplier line

April 1st, all passengers aged CEO with "love letter" as the theme of new conference held in Beijing wukesong. At the end of the conference, summed up the old said, "make a shirt, a T-shirt, where the customer is the duty, in my life again."

Prior to

, where the customer has a long time does not appear in the media in the public eye. In 2010, the "VANCL style" popular, universal imitation. As a representative of the domestic electricity supplier, customer and Jingdong once the highest valuation of $3 billion racing together bridle to bridle. read more

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Liu Ming, director of the city of Yangzhou mobile era is still the content of the king

editor’s note: 2014 China Internet entrepreneurs Conference ( will be held at the Beijing International Convention Center on May 10th. At the meeting held on the eve of Discuz!, Tencent cloud combined with DoNews and many other agencies and media jointly launched 2014 community billboard series of interviews, the industry’s elite business stories, business transfer and sharing of experiences to more entrepreneurs. Series of interviews with the city of Yangzhou network, together with the director Liu Ming to listen to the entrepreneurial story. read more

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Ichiban shop sold 618 6 million Jingdong first leisure food

June 25th message, it is understood that the Jingdong after the end of the 618 big promotion, Ichiban shop announced to become Jingdong during the great promote leisure food category sales ranked first brand.

Ichiban shop, 618 day, Ichiban shop at the Jingdong POP and proprietary business two total sales of 6 million yuan, a Jingdong to promote leisure food category first.

it is understood that this year the Jingdong 618 big promotion attracted three squirrels, becheery, honey, Kroraina Ichiban shop Tmall TOP10 brand in sales platform. In 2014 11, Tmall Ichiban shop in the sales ranking of third. read more

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The electricity began to sink channels more than 1 million village shop

recently, want a good life, and quickly on Taobao "," build up the family fortunes by working, thrifty by Jingdong, fellow shopping to Dangdang and other electricity providers publicity slogans appeared on the walls of the countryside. "Whitewashing" method which was mostly used for policy advocacy and agricultural means of production and marketing, is now the electricity supplier bigwigs from.

According to Jingdong

introduced, from the fourth quarter of 2013 to March of this year, the Jingdong has invested over 8000 whitewashing advertising in the country’s 145 city. The day before, the Jingdong micro-blog mall official posted: not only abroad, but also to the countryside; tall on it got into the New York Times square, down to Earth continues to spread over the rural red brick wall." Billboard pictured with a New York Times of the square, and a slogan on the wall of the countryside. read more

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Development of pharmaceutical electricity supplier Xinjiang soil, the development of more than

China IT Fengyun contribution figures · music business software co-founder and general manager Jiao Yu –

open pharmaceutical electricity supplier Xinjiang soil, the development of more than

recently, by Chinese Internet association and held the 2016 bit network Chinese IT billboard award, awarded the general manager of Guangzhou City Music Business Software Technology Co. Ltd. 2016 IT China coke Yu · billboard; contribution figures award, encourage the IT of China information technology service industry to make outstanding contribution to the development of capital. Jiao Yu founded the music business software, pioneering in-depth pharmaceutical industry, listen to the development needs of the industry, provides a new route for the development of the bottleneck of the development of traditional medicine industry, at the same time Chinese broadened the coverage of e-commerce, e-commerce in the pharmaceutical industry to fill the gaps, to develop e-business function more great value, and promote the rapid development of electronic commerce industry health China. read more

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Exposure little stake in mobile e-commerce platform WeChat distribution

news July 28th, billion state power network access to news, WeChat third party service providers little off has recently been low-key buy mobile social business platform, the main WeChat back to enjoy the three level distribution.

It is reported that

, which during the closed beta has BMW, and other brands in the October mummy distribution, which is part of the direct cooperation with the brand, and distributors. Billion state power network from the official website back to enjoy the notice, Moutai, laiyifen, Carolina textile, Fen group and other brands in its list of suppliers. read more

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Baidu C2C why are you so funny

I just finished dinner, on the line, went to the domain of the city intends to stroll around. Oh, it seems that the National Day is coming, how are very lively. There is a post experience version, Baidu C2C got a "Baidu online trading platform · name ultimate conjecture" voting, I feel very interesting, you said, Baidu at this time why make such a voting


open or Flash before the top advertising investment, you will find a red background in the lower right corner of the picture (pictured above), as for what to write on the picture I would not say, it has been written. I am very curious, Baidu merchants page above the Flash is not already said, will be a grand debut, how, how not to engage in such a vote, but the day before the National Day? read more

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