On Links 4 common cheating tricks

chain is nothing more than a forum (soft, character signature, blog, etc.), classification information inquiry platform, Post Bar, Wikipedia and Links, takes some time before 6, the effect is relatively slow, and in exchange for a high quality Links there is no doubt that the weight of the website promotion great help, especially better one-way links, so there are a lot of opportunistic owners do outrageous acts to get a one-way connection, so today Goshu simply said that under the 4 common trick, let crooks nowhere to hide.

3, using Javascript to call

4, will link into the framework of iframe

The current

the stationmaster is the most shameless, after second days of links, links to each other to remove. Let the search engine that is one-way links, and given a higher weight. This phenomenon was encountered in the A5 Goshu, the public platform is not named, micro-blog has released me.

This The

: a > shameless behavior current method

is also very easy to achieve, through the Javascript Links will appear on the front page, the surface looks really do link, but the source code is likely not your link. This means the novice is easy, because they may even HTML do not understand.

The current

shameless behavior: if has and the other links to other websites, directly open source files, search your domain name, see the link if there is a nofollow tag; if there is no link with each other, in search of nofollow source files, view the site Links is not a large number of nofollow, if any, not with the opinion website Links.

1, Links add nofollow tag

basically understand this a little friends all know nofollow labels, tell search engines that this link has nothing to do with the site, no need to transfer the weight. When a spider crawling, will be masked with nofollow tag links when the weights of the relay. Many novice friends do not understand the label meaning, so often hang out and unaware.

method and the above mentioned Javascript call is somewhat similar, his home can see your links, but your links in the iframe framework, the spider cannot crawl.

2, there is no reason to delete Links

shameless behavior methods: view the source code immediately after changing the link, enter your domain name search. Now general tools to detect, so this method is rarely appeared.


: the current method of shameless behavior across the shameless behavior, only you every day to check Links.