Love Shanghai new tools search engine friendly level verification tool

1 URL, the length of the primacy, made it clear that the longest length of URL is less than 255byte.

I love Shanghai in the

6, Flash text description: add confidence detection flash files can let the spider know the content of the page. We have been very clear flash is not friendly to the search engine, it seems, adjust the direction of love of Shanghai is also reasonable, for the flash file, as long as we increase the reasonable description, love is to be recognized in Shanghai.

log Webmaster Platform this afternoon (sitemap.baidu贵族宝贝), in the XML data format examples of buttons on the left side found love Shanghai added a new tool: search engine friendly level verification tool for this tool. Love Shanghai interpretation: the format specification clearly HTML writing can help the search engine better, more effectively crawling your site. This tool can help you detect whether a web page to the search engine friendly enough. The author with the anticipation of Qilu talent network is responsible for the detection, and see if you can get some beneficial suggestions from the website optimization results, here is the screenshot of the test results:


from the above information can be seen in the love of Shanghai listed 6 projects,

launched a search engine friendly level verification tool, that love of Shanghai website optimization work gradually recognized. Since last year, Shanghai announced the love search engine optimization guide can also be seen on the optimization of the Shanghai love attitude is changing, of course, is also in order to improve the optimization guide the search engine spiders work efficiency, the webmaster according to these things, will save the workload > spider

4, and indicated that the addition of this property can make it easier for users to detect. The alt attribute can be used as image search keywords a parameter and user which are matched, so the owners must alt attribute rational design pictures, guide the user to.

5, Frame information detection, clearly show that the frame tag will cause spiders to crawl is difficult, so the webmaster try not to use the label.

The detection of Alt information

3, Meta information perfect degree detection, said the lack of keywords and description may have a certain impact on the show and sort of ", suggesting that the webmaster can not relax or optimize the two labels.

2, the static page parameters, using dynamic parameters of static pages, the spider will lead to repeated crawl, increase the workload of the spider.

problem for the two found the tool detection check website HTML code, the existence of the shortcomings, seems to require optimization. From the test items are given, the amount is not much, but more practical, can really help the webmaster for website HTML code optimization.