How to look after the end of the Shanghai dragon you

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said the end of the day, do not know if you remember, Friday is the day, love Shanghai big update day, the day also did a lot of updates, especially the enterprise stand ranking has been greatly updated; that day, most of the new station to get a good ranking, some new sites directly into the the home page is very awesome, of course, have stood up, must have stood down, but this update is very normal, just at the end of the day the update, can give us some more Lenovo just, well, the end of things come to an end for

this year, the search engine is also an extraordinary year, 360 search involved, also let love Shanghai have direct tension, although Shanghai is still love Chinese search giant, can still be a lot of money, but it is harder than before, the competition is big, the net.

love Shanghai, what do you want to do what

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this week, in fact, not what is not the same, but it really is not the same, because the world is not the end, no solar storms, no volcano in Huangshi, no European military mutation, no 2012, Noah’s Ark… 12, 21, is a very ordinary day, everything is normal, as usual, as usual. It seems that if, true to the "end" of the day, and not too many feelings, no fear, no panic, no carnival, perhaps Shanghai Longfeng dry for a long time, are completely indifferent it for us to do so; Shanghai dragon is concerned, after the "doomsday", and how to get our Shanghai dragon road, search engine and how frustrating it? So have this title, "after the end of the Shanghai dragon, how do you see?"…

2012, the Shanghai dragon world is also an extraordinary year, because this year, change too many algorithms, too much of the K station, too many right down, too many helpless.

dude, you were "friendly fire" site returned to

this year?

today is December 23rd, when 2012 will pass, whether this year you have no harvest, you have to improve, you have not completed their goal is more laughter or tears more, this is the time of the past, whether you are ready or not, a few days, the 2012 is goodbye. "And we said," farewell is not goodbye, because the time will not flow back, 2012 in the past, we will usher in the 2013 unknowns, the total time is changing, we are helpless… So…. only good every day, do not let yourself regret….

is a Sunday night, this Sunday, as usual, is a day of rest, sleep until twelve noon, lazy to go out to eat a meal, back on the net, imperceptibly had one in the afternoon and evening to listen to the melodious songs, seems to have some feelings, want to what to write, record what