Look at the advantages and disadvantages of the Shanghai dragon Er love from the Shanghai incident i

1) "guess"


experience for the Shanghai dragon Er will be calm, because they have confidence in their own website. "Content is king, the chain for the emperor" can not be said to change, as long as your content can meet the users of your chain enough, your ranking will come. So, don’t bother love Shanghai 520, continue to engage in order optimization, the webmaster should do to do on the line. Too much analysis is just a waste of time, no meaning, just calm, "do the optimization, let love go to Shanghai".

3) "be clever and sensible type"

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said that, the next conclusion: obviously, if we don’t do to be clever and sensible type, then at least we should also do a "calm and confident", from the first type, hope in the next 520, we can keep a calm heart, with a creative mind to deal with.

love Shanghai 520 event is striking one snag after another that we ah, the advantages and disadvantages of each stationmaster response analysis of all Shanghai dragon Er, learn some advantages and correct some disadvantages, to deal with a 520 event to the next.

from wake up in the morning to open the computer to see your website from the home page to N out, began to post on forum began to love Shanghai negative publicity. For example: love Shanghai auction business sales slump, tell potential customers bidding Shanghai dragon is not stable, love Shanghai is the main control, crack down on Shanghai dragon industry etc.. This kind of people are "speculation", the search engine always cannot do without the user, ask: if you fall in love with the sea do, how to ensure that the user experience, there will be people with love in Shanghai?

2) "calm and confident"

is not only to love Shanghai 520 by the opportunity to grasp but do publicity for their website. Such a person is too tough, to love Shanghai forum 520 posts, write love Shanghai 520 text, using micro-blog fans for publicity, the love of Shanghai 520 as the hot topic of speculation. This kind of people can not only see their calm, but can be seen in their innovation consciousness is high, their thinking is more flexible.

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