Love Shanghai webmaster tools and instruction data, which is more credible

can say that if we face the love of Shanghai was optimized, and the optimization of Shanghai pursues love truth, then love Shanghai this chain query tool to query results has revolutionized our learning and practice before the all Shanghai dragon "truth". For example, we use the chain query command domain to query, the results are as follows:

see a few pages of dozens of the chain, no one outside the chain is what we believe "high weight and high traffic platform outside the chain, and is worse:

use the domain command to query results

showed an overall increasing trend, although there is no substantial improvement, but the stability is very good. Of course, the detailed information curve can reflect the detailed information is not much, we look at or below. After viewing the dozens of the chain, feel not good, you look at the bottom:

idle, Guangzhou website optimization network Xiaobian ran billion odd love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to study the chain site. In the center of the "love Shanghai station site analysis" in the column, there is a tool called "chain analysis", enter or select the already Webmaster Platform certified web site, you can query to the last 90 days or a custom date chain website. For the website optimization, the chain is very important, and cannot let down.



Admin5, Chinaz,

site outside the chain graph

also let a person very much puzzled situation is that the chain is part of the chain to address is invalid, the gaming page, page content inferior (Reprint) etc., as shown below:

A5 Webmaster Platform published manuscript number has more than 100

search WHY, 58 city, Shanghai dragon platform, actually search out the chain results for O! But in fact, these are odd billion Guangzhou website optimization network Xiaobian most often go to places in search forum has been nearly 100, the cumulative published an article more than 2000, A5 the site also has more than 100 original articles as shown below:

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain


should believe in love > ShangHai Railway Station

in Shanghai Webmaster Platform search A5, Chinaz, and other search sites, can not find any chain

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform which included the chain

short, if the direct use of the web address or use domain commands to query, to get out of the results are included and effective. The chain but why love Shanghai Webmaster Platform query and love Shanghai requirements are vastly different, Guangzhou website optimization small can make nothing of it. However, from the chain of love Shanghai Webmaster Platform view, friends of the chain chain is effective, and the chain of non platform websites is effective.

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