The website three discipline eight chain

two. The hair of the chain to adhere to, can not cop-out, need patience such mechanical work, most of the time is to do simple things repeatedly, finally produce the qualitative change, to achieve the desired effect.

released the chain three discipline

2. of the chain: a lot of Shanghai dragon Er distribution chain is not too scattered, is too concentrated distribution, think: the chain distribution in the industry related websites of the total site outside the chain of 30% to%80 is the most appropriate, the distribution type of site is not conducive to the improvement of weight is too scattered, too focused on the same industry Web site outside doing chain and too deliberate, ranking role may not hit the expected.

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1. the chain, it is best to use and can open the anchor text, personally think that a website and release some not open that is not completely outside the chain, which is consistent with why a lot of people say that Yahoo’s chain inquires the most accurate, because Yahoo found the chain is the anchor text and can directly open the link.

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3. distribution chain quantity: many Shanghai dragon Er always do outside the chain, in one or a few sites on my suggestion: to do the chain at different sites, type of distribution in the forum, blog, classification of information, B2B website and so on, find the number of many different sites. The distribution of the quality and quantity of the natural, so the structure of the chain are more help to improve website weight.

website Shanghai dragon people know to do outside the chain, including two parts and Links released the chain, but the chain is also very important, otherwise the time spent the few following Yishui website optimization studio with his experience note issued three discipline eight chain.

. Do not use the chain release software is a software tool, after all, is not a substitute for human, the chain using a lot of software release is basically a waste of the chain, and most will bring a lot of disposable software released the chain, a sudden increase in such a lot of garbage outside the chain, the site is very easy to fall right, especially is new, avoid, can not use the software, this is a lesson of blood, but also iron discipline.

three. To do good work must first sharpen his tools, the chain before the release of prepared materials, namely content and keywords for release and find a good part of a website, if the industry is relatively small, the relevant column for large web sites, the content of a little preparation, the release time can be divided into paragraphs, paragraphs switch a, keywords, long tail word is the best in the industry, which can bring some rankings and flow, but also related to the content of the website optimization, and in addition, there is also a more lazy, has been indexed by search engines page article for the release of the chain, so that it could (this page), fast (without material preparation), good (with the chain publication requirements), province (province time and effort) of the construction site outside the chain.

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