The love of Shanghai is how to promote their own shadow stick


love Shanghai shadow stick, for the love of Shanghai is a big issue, but how they launched this product? How do they use the Internet to promote it? Here from my point of view to explain the logic behind it, and method. After reading it for deeper understanding of your network promotion, oh network promotion is so

then, this time I every day, but also to the Sina micro-blog around, you guess what? All kinds of V, including love love Shanghai Shanghai micro-blog account, an account, such as large ones, are beginning to love Shanghai this "love sea shadow stick" you think this is not logical, when we recommend a thing, is after, we used particularly well, we recommend to others, don’t use "love the sea shadow stick, I recommend a wool ah. Obviously their role is what we all know. Understand this logic, then you know why there is overwhelming information. Of course, this is a generalization of Shanghai love to do better.

The launch of

then, in September 18th, fell in love with the sea shadow stick into the recommended word love Shanghai news hot search words, you see below

But The promotion of

, I was a webmaster, when I work every morning, but also to the owners of the house to go around, yes, you guessed it, the evaluation about love Shanghai shadow stick, early in the home station waiting for me, and you are right, this is certainly love Shanghai please professional people doing this thing. See below,

every day I went to the unit first thing in the morning, love is to open the Shanghai news, September 17th opened and news, I saw such a title of "10 thousand" love sea shadow stick Guangai Shanghai robbed announced emergency additional orders. "In an article, the light of science and technology, after we entered, this is a naked soft, but not soft, but not so Bixian, naked promotion. I absolutely is purchased. Everyone is a kind of commonly used method. Soft Wen promotion? This is to give you a sense of what Shanghai press, love is too good, released immediately sold out of, it is panic buying ah, so you still hesitate what, quickly picked up the phone. This is not to panic buying, TV shopping. In a word the meaning of the expression.

love Shanghai is not particularly cattle flap ah, actually this kind of promotion methods, we are in use, why love Shanghai with effect than other manufacturers effect is good, this is the love of Shanghai natural influence, Shanghai love itself is the Internet giant, his every move, are able to attract people’s attention and attention. So in the promotion process, you must let others know that you coax cattle malicious wind, even if you are a new company, you can let the cattle flat, cattle people recommend to you, is the high cost of some, for example, let Sina, love Shanghai, NetEase, such as flat. Or that, Li Kaifu, Ma Yun, the recommend to you, then you click on the fire. You can mobilize.