How to effectively reduce the Taobao off single phenomenonHow to improve the conversion rate of Taob

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see a lot of Taobao – complaining about not much change in their web traffic case recently in Taobao customer forum, single transaction is reduced, which is called single out.


if you often on the Internet bubble, they will certainly receive day to earn one hundred yuan Wangzhuan information, most of them are some pull off the assembly line of information, if you have this talent, so doing this offline way Wangzhuan is good, after all, there are success stories, but most people do not have this ability! So many people choose to do a website to make money, because the site will be more ways to make money, such as Taobao, or advertising, a Taobao customer or do Wangzhuan methods currently popular

as for how to achieve, we can search online, to achieve more code.

but Taobao needs to be site has very good traffic, more important is to put these flow into sales, so as to obtain more commissions, but how to improve the conversion rate of flow, many experienced owners have focused on Optimization of SEO < /p>!

three: through SEO optimization, improve the user experience of the website, after all, Taobao guest website also need to retain some of the old customers, this is a great help for the development of the site, and through the SEO optimization, can be more love in the form of content becomes the user, but also conducive to search engine included, naturally can improve user the degree of experience to increase user loyalty! And the conversion rate of natural and improved

Taobao customers to join the seller is to promote their products, bring more users to buy their goods, but they need to pay the commission price, but as a businessman, everyone wants to use the smallest cost in exchange for maximum benefit. The seller is also always wondering how to bring in customers at the same time also need to pay a commission, and now they have two kinds of commonly used methods, one is the time to communicate with the buyer after the buyers into the sellers of goods page re send a link does not contain PID allow buyers to buy, do not have such a way for daily trading volume the seller is not realistic, there is a way in the direct link, introduced some commodities with other goods or columns so that a part of users if you enter the store through these links, the purchase of goods will be the seller will not pay for the Commission, it is very useful for large volume sellers.


first to determine the point is to single out absolutely not because of technical problems, Taobao’s lead off single, Taobao technologies exist for suspected deceptive friends, need not do Taobao customers, and single out phenomenon personally think it is wise of

four: through the station group to achieve more flowering, enhance the conversion rate of flow, because there are a lot of long tail words, if only to choose which one to do so, the flow rate and the conversion rate is limited, so if you do a few at the same time to optimize the long tail words and difficult to optimize these words? Is not at the same time, the sites are ready-made templates, very easy to make several of the same site, but it is not the same as the keywords, through the transformation of such a simple, natural and can flow into several times, but the conversion rate can be increased, the Commission will naturally increase the number of

two: a lot of Taobao off site is through the long tail words to do keywords website, this is to let the keyword index can not be too high, can not be too low, that is to say that these are easy to be ranked so that the search engine page through the SEO optimization, it transformed the flow through the long tail word naturally, the conversion rate will be high!

In this case the

above four SEO for the promotion of Taobao optimization method passenger flow conversion is very helpful, and now has become a lot of Taobao off the main promotion methods, after all, now want to get traffic, is the most important means to the search engine, if only through the post, do the form of advertising, it is difficult.

! sellersTaobao

seller, we Taobao customers and how one upmanship? There is no way for the first case, if the sellers are so hard, it is someone else should be rewarded, here mainly analyzes second cases, direct links to join columns or goods in the commodity sellers to introduce content in, there are two ways, one is directly added to the text, is the use of labels, there is a use of images, is in the picture circle an area, then add links to the removal of the two cases, only need to use the string to find and replace the goods in real time, you can remove these tags, in fact, as long as a little snack can also add your own hope links, this can effectively avoid this means the seller.

: a lot of Taobao customer website is the single page website, this website will be able to do is to optimize the structure of well in a short time, let the content of the website will soon be included in search engines, but also to let the users only need one click to find the content page, so as to improve the the user experience, but also achieve the optimization of search engine