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stationmaster faces: cannot reasonable treat "stationmaster = technology + thought" this formula.

The problem that

a successful webmaster needs not only technology, but should pay more attention to the importance of thinking. For "webmaster = technology + thought" this formula, some people think it is fifty five points, and some people think it is 37 points. He is considered to be the latter, technology should be accounted for 30%, accounting for 70% of the thought.

at the ceremony, ICBC, China Mobile, CITIC Guoan 3 fund strategic investment enterprise leaders made statements respectively. From the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry, the SASAC, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the Commission and other relevant ministries, financial institutions, investment institutions, Internet companies, management on behalf of nearly 200 guests attended the inaugural ceremony.

Xinhua Beijing, January Huang Boyang 22 this morning, China Internet investment fund was established in Beijing, and with the relevant enterprises and financial institutions reached a number of strategic cooperation agreement. The national network office and the head of the Ministry of Finance attended the ceremony and delivered speeches.

as the Internet belongs to the 8090 era, in order to become a successful webmaster, it must be a thinker, just to succeed the sword, mind is a magic weapon for us as a success.

is an Internet expert in place, many predecessors is our object of study, but for a webmaster speaking, Dennis that most need to learn is not technology, but their "advance" thought.

webmaster should know how to be a thinker, not a pure technician,

most Adsense is by predecessors or online knowledge gradually and fixed site optimization. They think that a person who can be called "cattle" is the best in technology, but they do not realize that their thinking is the magic weapon to lead them to success.

like Ma Yun, Lei Jun, in fact it is just an ordinary people, but why they can do the hitherto unknown success, because they have advanced consciousness, to talent shows itself in the intense competition, the Internet become the winner, become an example for the later generations.

China Internet investment fund approved by the State Council, established by the National Network letter office and the Ministry of Finance jointly launched, the total size of the fund planned 100 billion yuan. The establishment of China’s Internet investment fund is a concrete practice of implementing the new concept of development, and a powerful measure to promote the implementation of the strategy of "network power". China Internet investment fund will uphold the "professional guidance, guidance, fuyoufujiang, sharing and win-win" investment philosophy, adhere to the national strategy oriented, market-oriented operation, professional management, focusing on key areas of Internet, through the market to support the innovation and development of the Internet, as the outstanding Internet enterprise as a strategic power, service network power, to promote the Internet to better benefit the country and the people.

why some people can only be a technician, and those who do not understand technology but to be CEO, the main factor is decided to see if he had a mind to become a leader, so some people can only ever be called is an excellent technician, but can not be a true "expert".

previous ideas can only serve as a reference, but not too superstitious. The world no one thing is absolute, the technology of others is not necessarily for you is right, we are in the process of exploration, should not be discouraged by failures, but rather a failure as a springboard to improve your thinking. I >

at the founding ceremony of the fund, but also carried out a number of strategic cooperation signed. Among them, with the ICBC, CITIC Guoan, China Post life, China Mobile micro-blog, Chinese Unicom micro-blog, China Telecom micro-blog and other 6 strategic investment companies signed a partnership agreement, the first phase of the fund 30 billion yuan to raise funds subscribed in place. With the ICBC, the State Development Bank, the Agricultural Bank of Chinese and 3 financial institutions signed investment loan linkage agreement for investment fund companies to provide credit and financial services, a package of support measures, credit amounted to 150 billion yuan.

Those on the Internet a brilliant figure, we see

webmaster status: according to the conventional fixed method to optimize


webmaster how many, but really can keep up with the trend is very little. Grassroots Adsense as the largest group of webmaster, has not been able to rise, because they have been adhering to the "master with disciples, disciples, and then with disciples" such a cycle model. In fact, this is no problem, after all, learning is never stopped. The problem, however, is that these leaders are given to learners a certain set of optimizations rather than a flexible way of thinking.