How to increase grassroots web site is included

four, do website external links

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two, adhere to the original article update

, a good site map

for the website optimization, website internal link is very important, internal links can make the website each page can smooth connection, convenient search engine spiders browse multiple pages, each page can let search engine crawl site. The anchor text site of the internal links occupy a pivotal position, so we must make good use of the anchor text link, it can point to the front page of your site, but also to avoid the target page, keywords anchor text point to the home page not too rampant, each article appears once.

website optimization friends all know, in order to increase the weight of the website first to increase your search engine number. I believe many of my friends have encountered the site included quantity does not increase, or collected today tomorrow and delete, even included the amount of reduced instead of increasing, no matter who encounter such problems are depressed, facing the search engines do not increase how should we respond? Then I elaborate on some of their own experience.

three, do website internal links

The fundamental conditions of

website not included problems also need to find the reasons from their own situation, according to their actual situation and find out the problem, and then to do the adjustment solution. Please note: 贵族宝贝

original article is the search engine’s favorite food, highly popular search engine, to update daily original content, the number of articles to your personal circumstances, make the best of the proportion of 1:2:1 (i.e. the original article: false original article: copy and paste text). Here I recommend the head and tail of a try to write their own articles, not less than eight hundred words, the article is too short to search engines.

is not good for the site layout of the site architecture, good site map to the search engine grab the whole web page, so the webmaster can be updated daily site information added to the site map. Google search engine is very useful for the XML map, it is very important for the love of Shanghai search engine robot.txt, so we must make good use of the search engine map.

site link well, next is the external links, the chain need to continue to adhere to, do not use cluster software and other tools, because the outside is very unstable, there may be a search engine that is cheating and even pulled the hair down right. You can write his address issued to each forum, to update the site brought page with anchor text, improve the probability of the search engine spiders crawl page.