Shanghai dragon Er develop.

second stages: boring period (Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain?)


the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng workers income is not high, it can be said very low, such as special personnel outside the chain is generally between 1000-2000RMB. (the city is, other city also estimated almost. ) very low income, dull work led to many friends want to give up to do the promotion.

confused period (Shanghai dragon promising

The third stage:

solution: try to find fun in a boring job, interest is the best teacher. If you are interested in the Shanghai dragon, if you want to stick to their Shanghai dragon road, you must accept this boring. When you feel that unbearable, you can choose to give up, to switch to the other.

solution: you look at the Internet information, especially many webmaster forums, communicate with others, do not know to ask.

I remember the first time to interview, just see the interview requires information written above is very low. The company will organize the training, you try it. So I first heard the words "Shanghai dragon", followed by continuous love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon finally know what is probably the stuff. In short, Shanghai dragon is a kind of use search engine technology to make money.

first stage: the period of confusion (what? Is Shanghai dragon)

Shanghai dragon is the dual labor mental and physical, but more let most newcomers cannot accept is the long boring and lonely. I believe we do first are starting from the hair of the chain, the chain of some people and maybe for a long time, a "chain specialist" I now. Repeat every day, is responsible for the paste, how tasteless, so many do not know Shanghai dragon will think is not promotion posts. Most of the time, I believe we also want to change this situation, but do not know how to do, here is a simple form to share plan of Shanghai dragon er.

We believe that the initial

Er of Shanghai Longfeng generally experienced the following periods, a successful Shanghai Longfeng marketing personnel must also go through the following period. As for each period of duration, the main It differs from man to man.

solution: if you believe in yourself, if you love it and stick to it. When you have accumulated some experience, some small projects to do the best. As to the enterprise stand optimization. It is not just myself as a small webmaster, through.

is every day outside the chain, the morning to open the computer, registration, to find the article, then pseudo original. Then open the blog or forum post, and insert the manager or supervisor to anchor text, copy and paste on such a day. Imperceptibly one month, two months later, if the website ranking, you will have some happy. But still feel very dull as ditch water.