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Double 11 coming Taobao guest are you ready

time flies, today is November 1st, the annual double 11 is coming. "Double 11" is not only the carnival of buyers and sellers, but also the carnival of thousands of Taobao customers. Recall that last year’s double 11, only the day Taobao Tmall Alipay passenger turnover reached 530 million yuan, the day turnover of only Tmall output Taobao guest Commission of up to 30 million yuan. See this data, we are not surprised that it is not true, beautiful SEO Zhou Zhen think: Taobao customers have been able to do so well, there are three main reasons: read more

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Fresh food and platform manager for millions of dollars B round of financing to build C2B+O2O closed

Abstract: Recently fresh platform excellent Butler B round of tens of millions of dollars in financing, led by a listed company to invest, Jun joint capital, atomic venture capital with investment. Founder Li Wenxian said: B round of financing is mainly used to strengthen the supply chain management and excellent food steward APP product upgrades, user accumulation, the focus of this year’s planning is not in different expansion.

investment community news, recently fresh platform excellent Butler B round of tens of millions of dollars in financing, Jun joint capital, atomic venture capital with investment. Founder Li Wenxian said: B round of financing is mainly used to strengthen the supply chain management and excellent food steward APP product upgrades, user accumulation, the focus of this year’s planning is not in different expansion. read more

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SEO practice summary of the consequences of Baidu

      many friends maybe I will have the same experience and feelings, for website promotion or unfamiliar not really understand SEO webmaster can often find some SEO information to learn SEO knowledge, here to talk about what I do SEO experience.

      N for a long time because the site is not Baidu or Baidu so I climbed up, so use Baidu Search does not matter, a search a holding Baidu climb, is it because the title to attract people? NO, I think it should really change Baidu’s views on my site, so seriously read the article. After reading that is very excited, immediately with the method of the net friend tried some. It doesn’t matter, but the trouble is coming. That’s a good article and a good way. I just made a little mistake… read more

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Suzhou cracked the network keyword fraud involving nearly billion

has encountered a problem how to do Internet search keyword input?. Therefore, "keyword" is of great significance to establish and promote the brand on the network. Criminals on the use of this emerging network of things, cheat others money. Last year, Suzhou police cracked the use of the network keyword fraud case, the case is the first case in Jiangsu, the country more than 1 thousand and 500 people cheated. Currently, the case is still under further processing.

correspondent Zhou Yuwen Modern Express reporter Han Xiaoqiang read more

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Image marketing of non mainstream marketing

      Tang Jie to teach you how to achieve marketing results with pictures today, we see the picture advertising can be more, there is life, advertising billboards, advertising lights, network website advertising pictures etc. these ads are designed with pictures, a lot of companies or individuals to buy advertising to advertise for a great price, such publicity investment, the effect is not very good, but the Internet is not uniform, the effect is not significant, so I came up with a new generation of image marketing, such advertisements in the community forum called irrigation in group chat and call entertainment, most Internet users are in the network world the use of QQ, UC chat software, there are users of these nodes in the QQ group, whether it is formal business group, or learn the number of communication group or group is the mainstream network, they will send some pictures in the chat Make a film, so you can increase the activity of the group. A good picture will be reproduced in high speed to every corner of the network, but an advertising picture will not be reproduced, so we have to use will be reproduced in print, in this way, these pictures are Tang Jie today to say the theme of image marketing. read more

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How to use keywords to promote your site

Now the

network, the Internet has very fine points, this needs the webmaster to find the entry point for your website, the better your own web show in front of the network, in the complex network of the world share a cup of soup. So many ways to integrate themselves into the Internet, and many of them are subtle methods, such as to do each other links, to promote the forum. Today, I said, is to use one or several similar keywords to locate your site, using the key words, very good to your site status, only his own website on the Internet, only love your search engine, if what are your website, a hodgepodge then, to found little opportunity, this is some big site. read more

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Entrepreneurs should communicate with the giant platform

crossover and communication

communication skills and empathy ability, in fact, is to do anything that requires a basic ability, most of us, the most common mistake is to stand in their own position to think about others. It is not only those of us who are mortal, but even some of the greatest men.

, for example, a man at once to the visiting guests dishes in the traditional China culture, which is a symbol of polite and friendly, but in western culture. This behavior is not appropriate, this is a typical case of self expression way. read more

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How do I write a website promotion plan

write articles is a headache problem, childhood hate to write a composition, this from entering the SEO line, every day insist on writing soft. In addition to these, in the work often write some promotion plan.

compared with the complete network marketing plan, website promotion plan personal looks relatively simple, but must be specific when writing. Minimum site promotion plan should have the following:

A: determine the goal of a good website promotion. We promote the group, so we have to stand in the perspective of the group to think about the problem, for the sake of the group read more

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On the Internet free trial marketing technology

do optimization you can sleep without any anxiety? The weight of high site money in your pocket? In fact, a lot of people are facing "high volume, low amount of inquiry", it is because the customer service technology is not good? No!

a real case of "free trial" marketing techniques.

the best-selling book "Harvard Classics" marketing myth does not know the webmaster know do not know, in fact, this book would have been to stay in the library, waiting for the dust slowly covered it, and then it will be like other books like the shelves! Some people spend thousands of dollars to sell 18 sets of "Harvard Classics", and eventually won the Lille branch company, even the books on the shelves have been sold to the present, how they do it? Four words – free to try read more

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Tuniu Yu Dunde objective view with the strategic transformation of the road

is a company with the way I respect, especially in terms of execution should be affirmed, the curse we can understand this year just now once again the strategic transformation of tickets, the strategic transformation of outbound tourism, the state of mind is anxious, the pressure is relatively large. With the development of the industry along with several twists and turns, as the online travel industry catfish, from its ongoing strategic transformation, we can also see some of the development of the industry context. read more

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Venture capitalists venture capital in Beijing the fastest 5 minutes to sign

Beijing, February 22, recently, 10 partners will venture capital venture capital nuts in 8 incubators held in Beijing City, and to discuss the project of entrepreneurs, and on the spot to sign the agreement, all items are given suggestions and feedback, so that entrepreneurs will not return empty handed. Venture capitalists founder managing partner Wang Zhan: do not engage in formalism, fast and direct, impressed us on the spot sign."

In order to further reduce the

investment institutions and entrepreneurs barriers, investors and entrepreneurs to improve the efficiency of investment and financing, nuts venture partner direct interviews with entrepreneurs, the middle less investment manager interviews feedback coordination, greatly shorten the processing cycle of project. The meeting is a partner, so has the authority to sign the agreement on the spot on the spot, entrepreneurs can get feedback, even if investors are unable to obtain favor partners on the project the most authentic feedback. read more

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Seven chiefs of the Internet banking in the hands of 3 billion people to test the water banking elec


have launched on the banks and other traditional financial institutions under the impact of Internet companies, and a bank to take the initiative and spoiler up against.

recently, well-known business analysts Gong Wenxiang micro-blog said Minsheng e-commerce company ("livelihood electricity") will be incorporated in Qianhai, the company subscribed capital of 3 billion yuan, is the real first by commercial banks to serve as sponsor of the role of the Internet financial company, in addition, the people’s livelihood electricity supplier other investment per capita for Minsheng Bank (600016 shares) of large shareholders. read more

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Before the payment to his wife looked at since the end of brush single hand how manufacturing shop e

double 11 upcoming, online shopping has become a hot spot. In the online shopping platform type "cell phone", "computer" and other commodity names, will retrieve hundreds of pages of relevant commodity information, in some of these goods sold over ten thousand, and some even one also did not sell. In accordance with the "ranking" and "popularity" or "sales" to classify the search, you will find some goods claiming to be selling a single product, the net sales of the first "," Diamond buyers love Top1 ", these commodity sales and praise rate is often higher than other similar products. read more

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Do fun is to do public service

fun fun mall to create three years, has always been regarded as the cause of social responsibility, in a community to give back to the heart to do a better job of the cause. In April 2015, aesthetic taste mall to spend heavily on free channel. The purpose is not only to thank the friends of the interesting beauty taste mall has been the support, also hope to take the opportunity to raise a force of their own national knowledge contribution.

paid to do a free trial of a business enterprise is really worth it? Many people have asked this question. "It is not worth a personal values, I think contribute to national welfare, is the obligation of every citizen, but also our company’s mission, as long as it is beneficial to the society are things worth doing." Founder of the United States and the United States explained. read more

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Leave Ali mother I will go

in the mom on the line soon, my site is on the line, also registered the Ali Mama member, adding the Ali Mama advertising code for the beginning of the site, traffic is not large, will not let it go, not too long, mother appeared big buyers, patronize me, bought on Monday I a yuan of money, was very happy, feel that their website has been recognized, Ali mother began to pay attention to.

with the site traffic increase, often see their advertising revenue, my website science education network wave on the line less than a year, the highest IP every day is more than 3000, recently is around 1000, while the highest income is 4 yuan, now every day is 1 yuan. 1000IP=1 yuan, the ratio of garbage flows is still low, we lack this element? We do propaganda but also for mom? But also for the Ali Mama advertisers show free? This problem has troubled me for a long time, today raised hope to discuss with everyone. read more

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A APP developer $2 million price for the experience of the 7 blood

I am a developer of APP App Co CEO and founder, we developed the APP to help users to use mobile phones to find a job. From 2009 onwards, our company encountered a series of setbacks, the product of the four transition, encounter unimaginable pressure, layoffs, founder of differences, homeless, cooperative and professional personnel and then, resistance and so on. But the company is still a variety of setbacks, made in line with market demand products, the number of users and participation has also been a steady growth, recently also received funding through financing support. But all this is too hard to come by. read more

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Dongsheng, Dongsheng, President of Information Technology entrepreneurial seven strokes

Dongsheng was born in Shaanxi Weinan an ordinary rural family, when he was 4 years old, mother is ill in hospital, so he started from the The family is in straitened circumstances., from the fifth grade primary school is a small business subsidies household. After graduating from secondary school in order to find the wealth of business opportunities he began to work in the north, with a cable, a computer, just a year’s time to earn their first 1 million. Because of the extreme desire to make him a long-term study and Research on the Internet, so that he found the opportunity of the Internet, so as to seize the opportunity of the mobile internet. He made in 2013 to 2014 as pour as a church mouse to become a millionaire, just one year’s time, he will drive a Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, changed his life. read more

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Online education, leaving half awake half drunk

online education

in the square dance aunt who jump out and began to talk about panic buying gold online education today, as in the traditional enterprise training industry for many years the countersunk cart, do not talk about online education is not scientific, but after all, is what excitement, does not understand the technical language so much deep view, is offbeat, welcome small owners.

needless to say, the Internet penetration and transformation of traditional industries is an irreversible historical process, in this process, after the search, shopping, social networking, online education field by absorbing the vertical flow, the birth of par BAT company is a high probability event, the Internet is not cultivating virgin land, the new industrial chain provides a large number of business opportunities, have the privilege to witness and put into this node is undoubtedly lucky. read more

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